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    Amzie (only if it's after a relative and/or meaningful) and Ledger are great

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    I've only seen snippets of the show and caught the name Ledger and I loved it! I have actually considered using it!
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    McKinley is a girl on the show

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    Amzie doesn't do much for me but I love Amy and Amity.

    I like Jordan very much, but I ought to, I have a feminized version for my own name. My spelling is problematic - Jordan or Jordana would have been better.

    I like Dylan though its a bit dated.

    I detest McKinley, Addison, and Andrew.

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    I love Amzie, especially because it came with a family history, and its just got a lot of moxie to it. Sommer is great, too. Ledger is a bit too suburban for me, same for McKinley. The show is pointless and mostly terribly, but somehow I still find it fun, in a brain-dead kind of way.

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