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    Please help me choose a name! Ezra, Theo, or Luca?

    Hello everyone,

    I am due in about 4 weeks and I can't decide on a name.

    I really like the name Ezra, but I have recently read about Ezra's history in the bible. From what I understand, Ezra was responsible for cleansing the population of couples who were involved in mixed marriages. I am Christian and my partner is Jewish and I worry that this is a bad omen!

    I think Theo is a wonderful name but I worry that it is on the verge of exploding in popularity.

    I really like Luca but my partner isn't that into it.

    What do you think of these names? Do you have any other ideas?

    Thank you!

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    I think Theo is the best out of your choices. Despite hearing a lot about it on here, I don't think it'll get too popular. I've never met a Theo and its such a cute name!
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    Ezra is my favorite. I absolutely love the name. Most everyone in the Bible does something questionable at some point. I don't think Ezra will be a bad omen any more than Solomon or Jonah would be.

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    The "cleansing the population of mixed marriages" that Ezra did was in regard to Jews who married idol worshipers and people who sacrificed their children to other gods. They were coming out of exile in Babylon and some of the people worshiped the Babylonian panoply of gods (similar to the Greek/Roman set). He was encouraging the people to follow God's law, rather than to marry people who would lead them into religious practices that were against God's law. I hardly think that would bear any resemblance to a Christian/Jewish marriage today. Though, I suppose you have to follow your own heart if it bothers you.
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    I like both Ezra and Theo a lot. Luca I'm not a big fan of. If you're worried that Theo might get too popular, I would consider giving him a longer name (ex; Theodore, Theophilus) with Theo as a nickname. That way if it does get too popular for your tastes you could always switch up the nickname (ex; Ted, Phil) or just call him by the longer name.

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