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Thread: Huxley

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    What are your thoughts on the name Huxley, w/ the possible nickname of Hux?

    Our last name is Wright, and the set middle name is Michael, after my father & brother.

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    I love Huxley, and Hux is adorable.

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    I think the name Huxley is cute, but I'm not sure how well it will grow with him. I'm leaning towards the nn Huck instead of Hux, but Hux would definitely work.

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    Huxley Michael Wright? I like the name Huxley. It has that interesting X in the middle, has been a legitimate if not posh surname, and has a literary nod to it. Your full name has a 2-2-1 syllable count and if the first two doesn't sound monotone to you, I'd go with it. It's great that you honor your family with the middle name. You could look at the links from this site in my signature to better evaluate your name. Congrats.
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    Huxley Michael Wright is great! And the nickname Hux is awesome.
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