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    names meaning "answered prayer"

    Hi, Berries! My husband and I need help. We are sixteen weeks pregnant, and we'll find out the gender at our ultrasound in three weeks. Because I was told for 10 years -- by four different medical professionals -- that I was infertile, our baby is truly an answered prayer! What are some girls' names that mean "answered prayer" or "God heard our prayer" or something like that? I found several boys' names with this meaning, but we might be having a girl! ;-) The only name I found was Eliana, which is beautiful, but my ex-husband's niece has that name. Please help?


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    Abeni. I'll try to think of others.
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    Arabella, and I think it is so beautiful.....
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    Mattea or Theodora both mean gift from God.
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    Congratulations on your pregnancy!
    Here are some suggestions -
    Amaris - "Promised by God"
    Anaya - "God answered"
    Arabella - "Answered prayer"
    Liana - "God has answered" (might be too close to Eliana, though)
    Hannah - "God's grace"
    Leora - "light"
    Danya - "Gift of God"
    Gianna - "God's grace"
    Angeli - "Gift, offering"
    Abigail - "Father's joy"
    Jemima - "Dove" (in turn represents peace and kindness)
    Anya - "gift"
    Macy - "Gift of God"
    Natania - "God's gift"
    Jessa - "God's grace"
    Rianne - "God is gracious"
    Samantha - "Asked of God"
    Samara - "Guarded by God"
    Shana - God is gracious
    Zaria - "Helped by God"
    Zahari - "God has remembered"
    Brielle - "God is my might"
    There is also Grace, Hope and Faith. I hope these suggestions help.
    All the best in your naming journey.

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