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Thread: Alice and Celia

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    I agree with LeahMarie512 in saying that Cecelia would give you the name you love without being too samey. If it was just the two girls, I would say go for it, but I do feel like your boy would have no "link" with his sisters. Alice, Harry & Cecelia are perfect together!

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    I think that Alice and Celia sound nice together and work well with Harry too. I do not think most people will realize that Alice and Celia are anagrams. It seems equivalent to naming your daughters Ophelia and Juliet. They sound nice together, and many people would probably not immediately make the Shakespeare connection. And, even if they do, it doesn't matter, because the names are not matchy, just linked in a more meaningful, subtle way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geeknamezyo View Post
    I love them together! And I agree with Ottilie, the three Brit lit names are a great sibset. I'm the type of person who almost always notices anagrams, but I didn't pick up on it at all.
    Thank you geeknamezyo! You give me hope that most won't pick it up and perhaps those that do will just think its a coincidence
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    Too close for the same person (i.e., no Celia Alice Millers) but not too close for siblings. I personally think they're very dissimilar, both having different origins, etc., and would be more concerned that they don't go together very well. I agree with someone above that Alice and Cecelia is a little more appealing, another option being Alice and Cecily. If Celia is what you prefer of the two, Celia and Alicia sound more like a set.

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    I think they are sweet together. I have a daughter named Alice and Celia was on my long list as a possible sister name too. I couldn't convince my husband to use it though.

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