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Thread: Alice and Celia

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    Alice and Celia

    So is this too matchy-matchy??
    I have a real soft spot for Celia (and I think my hubby would be keen) but if you toss the letters around, yes, same letters different name.
    What do you think? Cute, stupid....?? Do you think anyone who is outside the nameberry community would even pick up the link??
    I think it's sweet but do you think my son would feel on the outer in the years to come?
    Or is this all really a non-issue?
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    Actually.. I think it looks a bit odd as Alice and Celia are each others anagrams. It seems a bit matchy matchy and I don't think I'd use it.

    I'm not a massive NB and usually don't pick up on all the namesakes and name connotations, but this one I caught immediately. Its a bit like when people have twins and essentially use the same name, but slightly different.

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    I think Alice and Celia as sisters are perfect. To be honest I don't think most people would pick up on the link unless you pointed it out.

    Celia is a beautiful name.
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    I love that they each use the same letters. What a special way to connect them without being too matchy at all. Use it! I don't think it will be something that is caught on to very much.
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    I actually love them together. They're distinct enough to feel separate. I also really enjoy that it would be a quintessential English literature sibset (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Harry Potter & Shakespeare).
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