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    Thoughts on Link?

    DBF and I were actually talking about this not too long ago.. we were discussing Kristen Bell's daughter Lincoln, and I commented that I actually really liked Lincoln for a boy, specifically the nn Link.

    We do not mind - actually, quite the opposite - the connections to Zelda and Hairspray. I love unusual/word names, and this fits in perfectly with my other favorite boy name, Crew.

    I would love to get some opinions from some Berries, though! You guys always have such interesting opinions and good points

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    I love it - I actually think it would work even better as a standalone name.
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    I like both the name Lincoln and the nickname Link. Thumbs up from me

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    I just hear the surname and the city when I hear it. Not a fan :/

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    I like it, mostly because I'm a big fan of the musical Hairspray and that is one of the main characters. You should go and watch the remake with John Travolta.... in the opening scene where they introduce all the dancers from the Corny Collins show - they say Link last - and the girls go wild. That's what I think of when I hear the name Link!

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