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    I also don't care for Matilda. I don't exactly dislike it, but I can't really like it either.

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    Honestly, I don't love Matilda very much. But try to imagine yourself meeting adorable little girl. Curly ponytails, chubby cheeks, big bright eyes and a huge smile. You got to talk to her mother and ask the girl's name, secretly assuming it's Emma or Mackenzie...And she is a Matilda!
    I think people usually change their minds about names when they meet a bearer, so...

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    I don't think anyone can make you love a name you don't love. A name can grow on you and you may come to love it at some point. But no one else can say anything that will make that happen.

    I think Matilda is a beautiful name but I probably wouldn't use it so it would be hard for me to say anything that would convince you.
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    I feel similarly about Matilda. Reading about Empress Matilda did increase my fondness for the name, and the little girl who plays Matilda in the movie based on the Roald Dahl book is adorable. History and literary references always make me like a name more.

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    I know what you mean - I do love the name, but I can't envision using it myself. Maybe it's the 'tild' that gets me. Anyway, she was the wife of William the Conqueror, and she seems like an incredible woman, so that has really started to make the name more appealing to me! Here's the link, if you want it:
    Good luck - it's a beautiful name, really!

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