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    I was aware it was a Jewish name, but that doesn't mean I would immediately assume a person named Asher was Jewish. Maybe that's because my brothers are Joseph, Matthew and Benjamin; and I'm Catholic : ) I think it's a wonderful name and you should go for it.
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    The only Ashers I've ever met have been super WASPs. And honestly, I think you could name your kid Judas nowadays and half the people wouldn't make a connection. Asher's not mainstream enough that you need to worry. Unless you live in an area where people really know their bible? I wouldn't worry.

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    Asher has also become a very popular name among Christians and others who don't even know its origins. I think few people would automatically think Jewish. Go for it!

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    Asher is super popular among conservative Christians I know in the South. By that I mean that I personally know 3-4 boy Ashers under the age of 5, and one GIRL Asher as well.

    I think it's one of the Old Testament names that is hipper now among Christian parents...and even non-religious parents, though I think it has a special appeal for people who want Biblical names that sound fresher. I put it in the same category as Josiah, Isaiah, Asa, Ezra, Micah, Zechariah...the same people who would have used Joshua and Caleb 30 yrs ago.

    So, no, I think your son wouldn't get tagged as certainly Jewish, but some may guess he's from a conservative Christian background!

    Pronunciation might make a difference, though: all the Ashers I know are "ash-er", not the same as the more traditional pronuncation that a PP mentioned.

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