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    Name her Georgina and call her Georgie as a nickname. Georgie is not substantial or feminine enough to be a girl's given name.
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    Georgina nn Georgie is one of my top favorite names! It goes beautifully with Harold nn Hal, too! Ginnie or Gina are nice and go well with big brother's name too, in case she doesn't care for the slightly boyish Georgie nn. I think it's a real winner.

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    Hi Ashley-
    My concerns about Margo are: I prefer the M-a-r-g-o-t spelling, but hubby says no; I'm not crazy about Margo paired with our last name, the flow is off; and finally, it is an indirect way of honoring a family member, and I prefer a more obvious connection. However, I still LOVE the name and the fact that it is easy to pronounce, can grow from childhood into adulthood, and isn't super popular. Plus, I think it will look nice on top of a resume one day. So many things to consider when naming a new little being....
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    I love the elegant Georgina and Hal and Georgie would be lovely for siblings!
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    Super duper cute!

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