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    Since the internet can only come up with the barest information about how Boone might be offensive (typing "is boone a bad word" got me zero related hits back), I think you're safe. After all, the real English word "boone" means gift or favor. The name has been used in TV shows like Lost before, and they vet names for TV like no ones business (as the NB blog informed me, haha). Neither NB or other sites have flagged it as controversial the way Cohen sometimes is. I would use it if you still love it. I doubt most people would even bat an eye!

    But Tucker is nice if your in-laws have ruined Boone for you.

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    I would't think twice if it wasn't a black dog.
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    @ellenelle and tk.: Thanks! Yeah, at this point I don't think I would use it for a black dog any more. We would also like a Bernese mountain dog, so maybe the name Boone would be okay there? Although somehow I feel like a cowboy name isn't as good a fit for that type of dog.

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    I think Boone fits a black lab great! We had a beautiful black lab, and named him the similar "Bosco". It fit him great. And I'm sure you won't have any trouble with it as a derogatory term, as I live in a "redneck" part of Florida, and have heard a lot of offensive slang, but never that. The only connection people will be making will be of Daniel Boone : ) Which is good.
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    i think of Daniel Boone.

    use it, i hate that we have to tiptoe around and censor everything we say in this age of 'equality and freedom'

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