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    Skincare products during pregnancy

    My husband and I are TTC and I've got some concerns about the skincare products I'm using. Mostly, I use natural products, but I have some problems with adult acne and am currently using a moisturiser containing AHAs (glycolic acid, lactic acid and hyalauronic acid). I know these are safe, but my concern is that this product also contains salicylic acid, which isn't considered completely safe to use during pregnancy. I'm aware that most problems with salicylic acid arise from consuming internally (such as aspirin), but I don't want to take any unnecessary risks. However, I'm loathe to give up this moisturiser as it's really helping my skin! I'm not sure of the specific concentration of salicylic acid in this product, but it's from a dermatologist, so it's probably fairly high. Thoughts?
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    Hi there! My skin has been an absolute nightmare since I got pregnant. Worse than when I was 17! Acne on my chest, my back, and worst of all on my face. It's been so bad that it's really made me feel pretty lousy about myself and my poor husband has had to deal with the tears. But I know I'm lucky I didn't get any morning sickness so I'm trying to keep that in mind.

    Anyway, so I've been doing some searching for natural products - tho I do still use Benzoyl Peroxide for the bad ones because that has never been shown to be harmful in any way when you look at the actual research. And when I feel really desperate, I still use a little salicylic acid when I get really down. But there are a couple of "natural" products that I've had some success with too. Burt's Bees has an Herbal Blemish Stick that is without the s.a. and is all natural stuff - I don't care for the scent (black licorice-like) but it works! They go away faster... but unfortunately it's not for prevention.

    Besides that, the Yes To Tomatoes line is fantastic. The face mask (my fave, really amazing for so cheap), the cleanser, and the lotion are all natural and free of s.a.. They do have a product or 2 with the s.a. so i just steer clear of those. Oh, one thing though - again, if you are sensitive to smell, you might not like Yes to Tomatoes either. It's a fantastic product but has a strong, perfume-y smell. See if you can smell it before you buy it to make sure you are ok with it.

    So my face is still breaking out but now I have ways to treat it and not stress about the ingredients. I'm hoping the hormones settle down as I approach month 5 and my skin chills out. So frustrating! But good luck, I'd love to know what you think if you give these a try (all are available at Target and WalMart).
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    I just wanted to say that whatever is working now might just stop working once you are pregnant. Or (hopefully) your acne problems will resolve with the hormonal shift. I didn't stress too much over topical stuff when pregnant. For me, avoiding processed foods was really enough of a chore! I didn't go crazy about make up & face stuff. I really needed to maintain a bit of glamor while waddling around! If you do want to be really careful, I would just buy some extra gentle drug store stuff instead of anything that's an investment. Keep it minimal and see how your skin reacts to pregnancy. Maybe you will get lucky and be one of those girls who glows. Hold onto the old face stuff for later on or after. I'm sure it will most likely still be good.

    ohh I just reread. Consult your derm if it's a perscription.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cvdutch31 View Post

    Besides that, the Yes To Tomatoes line is fantastic. The face mask (my fave, really amazing for so cheap), the cleanser, and the lotion are all natural and free of s.a..
    I'm not TTC yet, but I've been breaking out a great deal thanks to stress and hormones. I always use natural and organic skin products, and I have very sensitive skin. The "Yes to Tomatoes" lotion burned my skin and made my face turn a bright pink! This has happened with about 70% of the skincare lotions I tried. Just a warning to those with extremely sensitive skin.

    Right now I've been using Badger Baby Balm as a face/neck moisturizer at night, with the baby sunscreen under my make up during the day. Every Badger product I've tried has improved my sensitive, rash-prone skin (the balm for hard-working hands is my God-send in for winter chapped skin and right now, heat rash).

    I also started doing a mask twice a week that consists of equal parts of organic, unrefined and unfiltered raw honey and baking soda. This has improved my acne so much. When I have zits coming, I put this mask on and it draws all those impurities to the surface and dries them out. I just leave it on for 15 min, sometimes 30. While it hasn't made them disappear completely, it definitely makes them heal up faster than usual.

    The raw honey also clears up scalp psoriasis for me. It was really really bad, and after 6 applications of raw honey, it went away for 6 months. About a month ago, the stress from a death in the family made it flare up again. 2 applications and it's gone yet again. I love raw honey!

    I hope my recommendations help.
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    I used Cetaphil cleanser and lotion throughout my pregnancy and Yes to Grapefruit scrub every few days.

    I was amazed that my skin was actually better during pregnancy than before! I guess you never know which way it will go.
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