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    Exclamation Need Your Help Deciding!!

    I am due with my second child the end of August and my hubby and I have been battling over names! We have finally come up with a list and would love your honest opinions! We have a daughter named Addison and our last name is Ray. I have put down some thoughts on middle names as well and would love your thoughts/suggestions on those too!

    Oliver Finnegan Ray
    Flynn Arthur Ray or Flynn Ignitus Ray
    Maxwell Elias Ray
    Elias Bennett Ray

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    Elias is definitely my first choice of those. Elias Bennett is a great combo!
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    They're all so great, I can't choose!

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    I like Oliver Finnegan!!

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    The one I like and I feel goes well with sister Addison is Flynn Arthur. I have always been a fan of Flynn! And the combo is super dashing. Then would be Oliver Finnegan. I am not a fan of the others and I feel they do not compliment Addison. Elias I feel has a totally different vibe and Maxwell 1) think of the Geico pig and 2) ever since Jessica Simpson used it that is all I can picture. Just my opinion!
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