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    Thoughts on Whitleigh?

    Yes Whitleigh not Whitney. My husband loves it. I'm on the fence. I love that it's different but hmmm? Not sure.

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    I had a class with a girl named Whitley my junior year. She was an extremely nice girl, so while the name isn't my style at all, I have positive associations. I hate the Whitleigh spelling though. It's overly trendeigh and completely unnecessareigh.
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    Whitley isn't too bad, although it kind of sounds like a department store. I prefer Whitney.

    Whitleigh looks a little tortured.
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    I'm not sure about the -leigh ending. It feels like an affected way to spell -ley like Hayley vs. Hayleigh. The first time I ran into the name Whitley was on the 80s spinoff of the "Cosby Show", "A Different World". It's a less popular variation of Whitney. I wonder why your husband likes it so much.
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    I kinda like it! I think many people, especially older ones would always hear Whitney first,and that might become tiresome. Like the others, I prefer the whitley spelling.

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