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    I prefer Vivienne to Vivian, as Vivian used to be a boys name.

    Many comments will probably say that "Violet sounds like violent", but they would be wrong, Violet sounds lovely.

    Violet is a beautiful flower and colour. Violet also feels deeply mysterious but also very happy.

    Wish you the best of luck.

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    Violet : ) It's sweet and pretty, but somehow avoids girly-girly for me. Vivienne is a close second though.
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    I agree with another response which says Viola! I adore Viola.

    However out of the two names mentioned my favourite is Vivian just because I adore the demure formality of Vivian and she has a girlish thrill as well. Even though Violet is beautiful I do sometimes thing of 'violent' which is awkward whereas Vivian doesn't really have an negativity apart from I do prefer Vivienne.

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    I like the spelling of Vivienne and the name better than Violet.

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    Vivian, though I much prefer its variations Viviana and Vivienne. I never liked violet, it looks and sounds like violent.

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