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    I think I like Vivian more. It feels stronger to me, it has a bit of an edge of Violet. The "shy violet" connotation takes some points away from Violet. I imagine a sweet but introspective type. Vivian is a bit tougher and I like that. I think that sweet & vintage flower names feel a bit past their prime and Vivian feels fresher. Also, Violet doesn't play well with word-name middles which is a bit limiting. I feel like if you use Violet it also means you can't name any siblings any names evocative of colors and I happen to like a lot of those a lot more, same with floral names!

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    Violet! I don't know why I've never really loved Vivian as much as most people…. maybe b/c it's Julia Roberts' character in 'Pretty Woman.'

    The name Violet makes me think of the flowers and Violet Baudelaire, the Lemony Snicket character, and very pretty and proper things. All pleasant associations for it.
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    Violet, although Vivian is beautiful it feels dated to me.

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    Vivian for me

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    Violet, for sure.

    Vivian sounds harsh to me.

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