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Thread: Too Popular?

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    Too Popular?

    My husband and I are due in early January. We knew right away a boy's name we liked but struggled to pick out a girl's name.

    My name is super common for someone my age (Katie? ugh.) and my in-laws chose my husband's name randomly. So a rooted, slightly unique but still easy to spell name is important to us. We would also like the name to have a good meaning behind it.

    We thought we finally found a winner with Olive Ruth. Both names are family names, and Olive goes back to olive branch, meaning peace. We are fond of the nickname Ollie.

    However, I'm worried with Olivia being so popular that Olive will just fall into the same generic name category.

    What do y'all think? Too popular or just right?

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    I would go for it because I think most Olivia's go by Olivia and Olive has a different sound/ vibe. It's much edgier as opposed to frilly Olivia.
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    I wouldn't be swayed by Olivia's popularity; Olive is a separate name and has its own feeling unto itself with a different sound. Also most Olivia's go by the nickname Liv, so calling her Ollie would set her apart and give her a spunky identity that is her own.

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    I agree that Olive has a different vibe than Olivia, and I doubt it would ever reach Olivia's popularity. Since it is a family name and sounds like you love it, I'd go for it!

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    I think Olive is going to stay where she is. I think there will be a hipster upswing, but it's got enough of an edge to keep it down. I mean, the color is not a traditionally feminine color and the food is not that many people's favorite. The trend for girls is very girly names right now. I like it because I think it's spunky, stylish, and you're right, the trees are gorgeous. I like the less froo froo names. So go for it.
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