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Thread: Name Order

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    Name Order

    Benjamin Shepherd or Shepherd Benjamin?

    Baby will be called Shepherd, Benjamin is DH's name. Shepherd Benjamin is the obvious order, but it sounds weird to me. Like he's a shepherd named Benjamin? What do you think?

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    I agree that Benjamin Shepherd sounds better, but if he'll go by Shepherd regardless, I would go for Shepherd Benjamin, especially since his initials would be B.S. and I'm worried that could cause issues (although it could also mean bachelor of science, so maybe that's not so bad. I wonder if I'm the only one that notices that?). Either way, it's a lovely name.
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    Shepherd Benjamin doesn't sound that bad, it just doesn't flow as well as Benjamin Shepherd. However, I feel that if you are going to call him Shepherd, you should name him Shepherd.

    Also, I notice B.S. stands for bachelor of science too ash - your not alone! I notice initials M.Ed. too, as this is my Master of Education abbreviation I sign to what feels like millions of papers daily.

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    Hi xo

    Hi sweetie,
    I really like Benjamin Shepherd, but keep in mind,there is a english television report and named Ben Shepherd... Ben is probably the nickname he will use. Best wishes on your pregnancy and labour.

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    Actually our last name starts with an S, so BS is basically inevitable in some combo with Benjamin. But DH survived, so I'm not TOO stressed over that!

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