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  • Emilia Elaine V. (family name)

    3 4.00%
  • Emilia Rosalind V.

    17 22.67%
  • Emilia Mae V. (family name)

    13 17.33%
  • Emilia Catherine V.

    14 18.67%
  • Emilia Winter V.

    11 14.67%
  • Emilia Charlotte V.

    17 22.67%
  • Other (suggestion in comments)

    0 0%
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    Love Emilia! Emilia Catherine is by far my favorite--it's so soft and regal and beautiful!
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    Emilia is such a romantic, heavy name, I'd go with something a little lighter in the middle. Elaine, Mae, Catherine, and Charlotte I think are the best middles.

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    Thank you for all of the votes and replies!
    Still haven't decided yet..I'm leaning toward Emilia Charlotte...but DH would prefer Catherine...then there's the whole whether or not to use a family name issue..eek!
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    Voted for Rosalind, but Winter or Charlotte would be nice.
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    Middle name

    We went with Emilia Margaret for our daughter!

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