View Poll Results: Which name do you prefer for Baby Boy Reynolds?

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  • Knox Jameson

    20 33.90%
  • Miles Charleston (to be called Milo)

    39 66.10%
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    Help me narrow down my top two choices to ONE!

    My husband and I are expecting a boy in September. We have settled on two possible first/middle combinations for a boy, and we will likely use whichever one we don't use this time for a future boy (if we have another boy, of course). We aren't especially interested in switching the combinations around or changing the names altogether at this point; our current goal is to decide which name to use first and which name to save for a possible second son. The first names are names we just happen to like, but the middles honor each of our own fathers (Charles and James). Let me know what you think!!!

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    Miles Charleston by a million. I love the name Miles.
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    I like them both! I think they are both good solid strong choices for a boy and it is hard to choose between the two! I think I have to go with Miles Charleston though because I've always loved the name Miles. Good luck choosing though, I know its hard to pick that perfect name!

    Edit: I also wanted to say that I think Milo is an adorable nickname!

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    Miles Charleston is definitely classy
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    They make a great sibset I voted for Miles Charlston for your September baby. Good luck!

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