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    Quote Originally Posted by tintri View Post
    ... a name like McTynsleigh.
    Hahahaha! That's the most hilarious trendee name I've ever heard! I'm hoping you just made that up, and that's not any real child's name... Sometimes it seems like people just list a few of the trendiest sounds and letters (Mc, leigh, K, Y, Z, -en), choose a few at random, and smash them together blindfolded. Those poor little McTynsleighs...

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    My three brothers and I were named after actors that our mother liked around the time of our births. Alyssa Milano, Brad Pitt, Bailey Chase and Charlize Theron. As children Bradley and I had our names changed to Joseph and Samara because our mother has freely admitted to us since we were very young that she didn't put much thought into the name, as she considered naming us after characters in the Wizard of Oz or after children games like peekaboo but instead choose her favorite actors around the time of birth. She said her theme was to originally name us alphabetically which was the case until my youngest brother was born. As my brother Bradley had already had his name changed to Joseph, so she "replaced" his letter in the theme with Bailey. When she did that I found her reasoning to be very cold and unthoughtful, not long after my name was legally changed.

    As someone who comes from a family where little thought was put into naming, I have for years always put deep thought into naming my children as I know how hurtful it can be to realize/be told that your own parents didn't quite care enough to think of something meaningful.

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    I didn't know her personally, as she died when I was 4-5 years old. But my foster aunt (later to be adopted) was just named randomly, because her mother who was an addict, hadn't filed her name when she was X months old. She ended up being Maja Jeanet, with her middle name after her older sister. I think my grandmother wished she could have made the choice to name her, but she named my uncle and mother, so I think she is satisfied enough.

    Another story I know, is that my best friends father has name regrets, because their youngest children are Michael and Matilde, while she is Tr!ne. Never called her anything but Hayley. Her mother wanted only a old Danish name, while her dad wanted her to be a little Michelle/Michele. And I think he in general regrets that the youngest girl also was forced from her mom.

    My dad just wanted me to be Dagmar or Hannelore. I think he has settled with my name now, but I haven't. :grin:
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    It's is kind of sad.

    I understand people loving one name and one name only. So the chose that name almost immediately. But the fact that she didn't consider any others at all is a bit off. I sometimes felt my name wasn't thought out as well as my brother's, since his named after an Australian racing legend - And I ended up with a popular/trendy name (of the time.) But I know they considered other names for me e.g. Claudia and Amelia. Another interesting that my Mum has always said that my Mum and Dad never had any agreement about now choices like people opt for now. They both liked my first name and middle names and there was no bartering on who could pick the first name or middle names. They just agreed on the name they liked. Which is interesting because most people today come to some arrangement.
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    It didn't take me long to choose my son's name (decided within about 2 hours of finding out his gender) because I thought about what I liked and didn't like in names long before pregnancy. He did end up with a name that shot to the top of popularity lists 2-3 years after he was born but it remains the perfect name for him. I have had no regrets at all.

    My criteria:

    1) I wanted to use family names and names with historic significance but, for the first name at least, I didn't want to use the name of anyone in the family of my generation (us, his parents or any aunts or uncles). And, of course, I didn't want to use the names of any of his cousins.
    2) With a long last name, I wanted a shorter first name.
    3) I wanted a versatile name with a nickname so that if the full first name didn't fit, our child could go by his/her nickname. In fact, my son's nickname fit better at birth and he has been called by his nickname ever since.
    4) While I like nicknames, I do not like nicknames with long ee sound at the end. My brother was a Joseph called Joey as a child and he hated by the time he reached high school. It took him several years to get the rest of the family to call him Joe. I also had a nickname with the long ee sound as a child. It was okay as a child but struck me as very unprofessional later on. Based on those experiences, I wanted a nickname for my child that did not end with that long ee sound.
    5) I like alliteration done right. My sons middle name starts with the same letter as his first name and th full name sounds great. I also figured I could use the double initial (JJ) as a nickname if the other choice of nickname didn't fit him. If he had been a girl, the first and last name had the same beginning sound though different letters.
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