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    My sister's English name has little meaning. She had been going to be a Samantha and there was family drama about that with a violently bipolar person taking offense at her being named after a Samuel they loved, so my mom had only a couple weeks to work out a substitute name before my sister came a month early!

    She says that if she'd had more time to think my sister would have been a Beatrice, but she is an Amanda because that sounds a bit like Samantha, and no other reason really.

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    @Geeknameyo: i feel ya! For me, I don't really care if someone chooses a popular name. I wouldn't do it myself, and I might do a bit of an intrinsic eye-roll, but really - I respect a popular, legitimate name MUCH more than a name like McTynsleigh.

    That being said, I respect a person who chose an uber-popular name because they TRULY loved it and couldn't imagine using a different one, or if the name honored a loved one. However, I have a hard time understanding/respecting someone who chooses a name on a whim, with barely any thought put into it. I just.... CAN'T understand it. It seems lazy and thoughtless, especially when you are choosing a name that will be that little person's identity for the rest if his life! I feel like there ARE a lot of people out there who hear a top 10 name and think, "ok that one will do." I don't understand!
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    I think we're in the minority here. Most people probably aren't so up-in-arms about names and just pick what sounds nice, regardless of whether it's popular or has meaning. My mom named me after a girl she saw in a magazine because she thought it was a cool name and my middle name is a variant of a family name (which I love). But I think she was fairly undecided for most of her pregnancy, and my dad just didn't care.

    I gave my son a name in the top 50, but it's a family name and I had always known I would use it. I figured, eh, top 50, there might be two or three others in his high school but so what? That didn't bother me, or so I thought. Now, it's number 1 which it has NEVER been and I thought was in no danger of being. Then I figured, well he'll probably still go through most of his life without having to deal with too many other Masons (yes, Mason dammit PRE-Kardashian of course). Cut to today, he has one Mason in his class, his best friend is Mason, and then he knows two other Masons on top of that.

    But leave it to my son to be ever positive: "I will make an army of Masons."

    Then I gave him another family name for his middle, which was obscure when I gave it to him but now it's turning out to be somewhat of a trendy choice (Wilder), but I still love it because I have yet to encounter it outside of Nameberry and it makes Mason a tad more hardcore.

    Anyway, I feel a slight tinge of shame every time I introduce him to somebody but I still love the name and think it's a great homage to both maternal/paternal sides of my family. I'm upset that it's become trendy but I think my Mason owns it and dignifies it more than other Masons. So there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rh1223 View Post
    But leave it to my son to be ever positive: "I will make an army of Masons."
    This cracks me up so bad.
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    Mason Wilder is a great name! I love it!

    I don't know about anyone else but naming my kids was one of the most important and difficult decisions in my life. I felt a huge sense of responsibility to get it right. We are from the school of "waiting to see what they look like" before deciding finally on a name but I feel the name you give your child sets them up for life. Whilst I fall into the traditional name category I love hearing why other people chose the names they did. Even if I don't like the name I respect the thought process behind it.
    I hate hearing "we just liked it". It makes me a wee bit sad. Neither name we used for our kids was my pre birth favourite name but the names they have I love, suit them perfectly and I will never regret.

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