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    My parents don't regret my name, but they regret my brother's name a little bit. My mom wishes that they hadn't given my brother our dad's first name (Robert) as his first name. Even though my brother has always gone by his middle name things were always confusing when the mail came. As my brother got older, he started getting more mail and it would always say "Robert C----" and they had a hard time figuring out if it was for my dad or brother.
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    My name is Erin. I am 24 years old and I have been a proud name nerd since I was 10.

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    I remember being young, 9 or 10, already a name nerd, and asking my mother how she had chosen my and my sister's names. She told me we had been named after two celebrities. Puzzled, because I had never heard of one of the women and had never heard my mom remark in any way on the other, I asked why those two particular celebrities meant so much to her. She looked confused, and then explained that they weren't important to her....they were just popular at the times of our births, so she was aware of the names and she liked them. I asked if she had considered other names, and she said for me, no, once she heard my name, she liked it. For my sister, she had considered another celebrity's name, but just before my sister was born, a devastating hurricane bore that name, so one day, watching television, she noticed the name of an actress and decided she liked it. At that time, I already had a Big Chief tablet filled with lists of my favorite names, so I was gobsmacked that, essentially, I had spent more time coming up with names for my dolls than she had spent naming actual babies.

    I have a friend who was really quirky when it came naming her three children. Each time, she refused to discuss or comment on names at all until the babies were home....yes, three babies came home nameless. Her husband nearly lost his mind. In the end, he'd come up with a list, a few of which she would reject because she just didn't like them. With the remaining names, she would refuse to talk about them or commit in any way, until he threatened just to fill out the paperwork without her. By the time her third was born, I knew her well enough to ask why she behaved that way. She said she felt like she was color-blind when it came to names. She felt that with the exception of really unusual names (Moon Unit), she didn't really see what difference a name meant. If it had been just her in a vacuum, she would have chosen the first names that occurred to her that she didn't dislike. And yet, her husband and her family seemed so intense about it that she was terrified of choosing the wrong name based on some criteria she didn't understand.
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    @missmolly: very interesting about your friend! I like what someone said about some people seeing naming as an expression of themselves. I TOTALLY understand that point of view! If your friend never thought of names in that way, I can understand how she 'd be overwhelmed! Poor thing.
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    Sarahmezz, I remember that thread! I was one of those few who did condemn choosing a top ten name. It's funny to me how often we Berries cite popularity as a reason not to choose something, then fall all over ourselves trying to seem tolerant when someone poses a question like that. I felt vaguely uncomfortable expressing my opinion because I was in the overwhelming minority.

    But this thread feels kind of like validation. I recently discussed names with my grandmother, and she regretted naming my uncle Charles Phillip III after his father and grandfather just because it was the obvious, easy thing to do. It's interesting; my dad's name (he's the youngest) is significantly quirkier than those of his older brothers--not an unusual name by today's standards, but pretty out there for the sixties. I suspect that my grandparents' tastes matured/diversified and they put the most thought into his name.
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    I suspect my mother just gave me a variation of my then 2-yr old cousin's name (Robert) to cement her standing w/my Dad's family. (Though she made up a story about seeing a robin in the snow soon after I was born...wish I could check the weather reports).

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