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    I admit I have a similar story. I was pregnant this time last year, and found the whole process of picking names and trying to mesh styles utterly exhausting. We came up with a short list of options that we could live with and then I refused to think about it any more for the next couple months. Before I knew it, I was in labor 5 weeks early and had never really revisited the names list! The name we chose turned out to be the exact same thing: popular + trendy, though I had no idea until I happened upon this site many months later and became obsessed. I had no clue Owen was as popular as it is, as I'd never actually known one, and out of all my friends' kids there was not a one. And though I knew Maddox was the name of a Jolie-Pitt child, I never knew it had generated a surge of baby Maddox's in recent years. In fact I thought it was pretty daring and unique! Duh.

    Anyway, point being that for the non-name obsessed and the millions who have never visited a site such as this, it is often a much less thorough process. You pick a name you think is nice... and you love the child a million times more than the name either way.
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    I wouldn't say people who don't put a lot of thought into naming their children = name regret. My parents put very little thought in our names and still love them.

    The picked Diana because it was better than Diamond (what my mother wanted since it's her favorite stone) and I think they were a little influenced by Princess Diana.

    They picked my sister's name, Melissa, because they knew a girl at my dad's work named Melissa who was super sweet and hoped she'd turn out to be just as sweet (which she didn't, lol!)

    So they didn't put in much thought, but they still picked names they liked and don't regret them. Thus not a lot of thought does not equal name regret.
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    I think some people just aren't as interested in names as an expression of style as others. I'd describe myself as a person who's fairly self-conscious about the signals I'm putting out for the world to read, and in that sense, I guess I'd call myself style-conscious. Naming (pets, dolls, stuffed animals, children) has always been an area in which I feel the strong need to express my personal style. Some people are less self-conscious, or just choose different means to express themselves, just as I'm not so interested in, say, designer bags or shoes, or staying on top of the music scene. Everybody's got their medium

    Also: I think this stuff can all shift around as you get older and your vistas change.
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    I think a lot of people get attached to a name they wish THEY had, usually sometime around age 12-13, and then never really let go of it or think any more about it. That is the story behind at least three of the little MacKenzies I've met, anyway.

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    My parents admit to putting almost no thought into our names. My brother has the same name as an old musician and my grandfather's middle name. We have the same last name and they liked how they sound together, he isn't actually named after him. They also spelled it differently. My sister has the names of one of our great grandmothers, with or grandmother's name in the middle. I was just kid of decided on and given the ultimate filler middle - Marie.

    Scary Mommy also had a post about this a long time ago.
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