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    Round 2 for Roman

    Roman combos are going to kill me. We feel since middle names are rarely mentioned we can go a little wild in the middle spot. I know they may not be everyone's style but that is okay. If you could give us your opinion it would be greatly appreciated!

    New combos:
    Roman Galahad- berries suggestion, boyfriend and I surprisingly like it!
    Roman Nicholas- Nicholas is my fathers name and my Grandfathers name. On the safer side of our other choices.
    Roman Ignatius- I have always loved Ignatius it is paired with another name on our list as well.
    Roman Xavier- my boyfriend has always liked the name Xavier.
    Roman Xerxes- on the fence with this one but love how it means hero among heroes. (another berry suggestion)

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    Wohooo, three of my suggestions made it! I rock ! (that was irony by the way, in case someone thinks my ego is a bit too big...)

    I honestly like all of them. I think you should just nix the Xerxes one as the meaning is what appeals most to you. Probably Ignatius too, as you've got it paired up with someone else. I am going to throw my vote for Xavier or Galahad, depending on what you like most. Xavier is super sexy, a bit mysterious and sounds like someone who fences and can run very fast. Galahad is romantic and chivalrous. My cat is called Sir Galahad by the way, so obviously my heart is with this one. And she's super mischievous and cute as a thousand tiny li'l buttons.

    AND... last thing. I did not mean in your previous thread that Xavier was boring or predictable or anything. It's just one of those names. Throw it after anything and it sounds great! It's like magic! It's kind of like a good red wine, it goes with anything and makes everything better.
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    I'm with your boyfriend--I love Xavier. Altho he'll be Roman X. Lastname, which is kinda like Roman numeral 10? Or maybe I'm overthinking it....

    I also love Ignatius, and safe as it may be, Roman Nicholas looks nice on paper and has the added bonus of the family connection.
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    Roman Xavier is brilliant.

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    I like Roman Nicholas and Roman Xavier.

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