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    Naming Orion's little brother

    We named our son Orion, as he was born at the end of November when the constellation was the brightest. Ore also means light in Hebrew. We love the name and couldn't agree on any other. I love that there are so many versions of the myth around Orion depending on the culture, so it gives him a certain amount of flexibility in his identity.

    Now we are having a summer baby in the beginning of September ( our Indian summer just gets started at that time). This baby is also a boy. Orion is a pretty hard name to follow! We can't agree on any other name- the next boy doesn't have to have a Greek name as well, but I want it to feel as timeless as the name Orion does. My husband like Zephyr, and I like Arthur. Neither of us likes the other's preference. Apollo is too space related for us, and Siris or O'Siris has too much baggage in it's mythology.

    Anyone have other ideas?

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    You are right, it seems hard to match the significance and specialness of Orion!

    Some ideas:

    Archer (love how this sounds with Orion!)
    River (has a similar special timeless feel, but branches out from mythological)
    Phoenix (this might be my favorite with Orion, has similar gravitas, is also Greek, and is also modern and cool)

    there's Atlas, which I love of course (though I'm biased) and think sounds great with Orion - but it doesn't sound like you can get passed the mythological baggage

    Good luck!
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    Can I please suggest Draco?

    I love the idea of Sirius. I'd suggest Virgo, but ehhh. Not really feeling it, there's Viggo.
    Leo comes to mind as well, Orion and Leo would be nice. Leo reinforces that summer feel.

    Aurelio or Aurelius is nice as well.

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    Orion and Iago
    Orion and Ezra
    Orion and Lucian (Love this combo)
    Orion and Reese/Rhys
    Orion and Lycus
    Also love Atlas and Draco

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    Ok! We are down to 2!(ish)

    We are down to Zephyr and Leo/Leonis And Lucian for a middle.

    Leo Zephyr Lenox
    Leonis Zephyr Lenox (we would call him Leo)
    Leonis Lucian Lenox

    Zephyr Leonis Lenox
    Zephyr Lucian Lenox


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