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Thread: getting to gigi

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    I agree Gwendolen Giselle is great! I think Gigi could be a nn for Gwendolen on it's own.

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    Gwendolyn is so absolutely beautiful that I wouldn't taint it with the juvenile Gigi. Sorry, no offense meant. I just don't get why you would choose a gorgeous name and not use it. Gigi is also used as a nickname for grandmothers.

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    The nickname Gigi doesn't need a middle initial starting with 'g' to get the nickname. Having the first letter of the first name will suffice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahdoodle View Post
    I really like Gwendolyn! I actually really like Gwendolyn Grace. I know Grace is a fairly common first nd middle, but I think Gwendolyn's romantic-ness balances that out. This list isn't very long because I find that most G names when paired with Gwendolyn are just too much.

    Gwendolyn Grey* my favorite
    Gwendolyn Gail
    Gwendolyn Garnet*
    Gwendolyn Gia
    Gwendolyn Giselle
    Gwendolyn Gloria
    I like the sound of Grey too, thanks for the suggestion! I think I'm looking for something a little more feminine.
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    Gwendolyn Grey is really nice.

    Gwendolyn Gioia
    Gwendolyn Gianna
    Gwendolyn Georgette
    Gwendolyn Georgina
    Gwendolyn Gillian
    Gwendolyn Galina (too sing-songy?)
    Gwendolyn Gardenia
    Gwendolyn Gretchen

    I agree that you don't need double Gs to get to Gigi, but Gigi isn't very intuitive a nn for Gwendolyn so I think it's the best bet for you. I really think Gwendolyn Gardenia is adorable.

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