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    I think Megan goes well with your sibset. That said, I do agree with a previous poster that Luke and Elliot are more "current" while Megan is a bit dated. I know LOTS of Megans in their 20s and 30s but only one under the age of five. However, that could be a good thing if you are looking for a classic but not common name. I do love the nickname Meggie!

    Other names I thought of were:
    May/Mae (I prefer the Mae spelling)
    Maisie (nickname for Margaret, but can be used in its own right too)

    I Also like Madeline and Matilda and the cute nicknames you picked for them!

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    One more question - Is Libby's full name Elizabeth? If so, I would suggest using Margaret as a full name and Megan/ Meggie as a nickname. Margaret and Elizabeth are beautiful, classic names and flow better than Elizabeth and Megan, at least in my opinion. I also like Madeline and Elizabeth...

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    I have never been a big fan of Megan. I think Madeline works much better with your kids' names. Here are my favorite M names:


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    429 someone with the name in question, I have always felt like my name was very dated and is not aging well. I am in my mid 20's and have thought about this often.

    The pros...there wasn't a lot of teasing potential in the name, it might be refreshing on a baby/child in 2013, and it isn't a BAD name.

    Also, with my maiden name, my initials were MMM and I loved it. So I am all for having same initials!!! I like pp suggestions of Matilda. I also think that Mae would be beautiful with Libby, Luke and Elliot. Good luck!
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    I love the alliteration (for some reason, M alliteration sounds amazing to me), but I don't love Megan. It's still dated to me, but it is soft, sweet, and sturdy sounding. Perhaps there's another M name that "feels" like Megan but is a bit more updated.

    With Luke, Elliot, & Libby, I'd suggest:


    Good luck!

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