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    Megan? And other M names?

    While I was showing my partner the list of suggestions from another thread on here, he said "I like Megan."

    His surname begins with M, one syllable, and he thinks another M name would sound great with it. He has a brother with an M first name and it works really well with their surname, and I'm kind of warming to the idea.

    What do you think of Megan with our family - siblings in my signature - and what other M names do you think would work?
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    Megan is nice, if a little plain and possibly a little dated (I picture it on a 20+ woman, not on a little girl). Your other kids have traditional but more "modern" names.

    Names that might fit better:
    * Margaret (Meg/Maggie)
    * Madeleine
    * Maren
    * Maia
    * May
    * Mila
    * Miriam
    * Malia
    * Michaela
    * Matilda
    * Milana
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    I know two people whose first, middle, and last name all start with M! There are few letters that I like this with, but M is one of the ones I do like. One of them is a Megan Marie (2 syllable last name) and the other is a Mary Margaret (3-syllable last name). I love them both!

    I think Megan goes well with your sibset. These are some other M names I like that seem to go with your sibset.
    Miriam (nn Miri-seems to have the same vibe as Libby)
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    My name is Meagan Mathews. I like the alliteration and think it works well, but I will be the first to admit that I think it is a little bit boring and dated.

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    I've always liked Megan/Meagan. I know people think it's a little dated, but I feel like it was never terribly overused like other names that get tied to a specific period of time (i.e. Jennifer). Meg/Meggie is a really cute nickname. I think Megan would work just fine with your sibset. If you're looking for something that feels maybe a bit more modern, Maren is one of my favorites that I think would go beautifully with your other kids' names as well.

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