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    Thanks for your comments and suggestions. Yes Megan might be a bit dated but Luke had one in his class at primary school for a few years so I can see it on a little girl quite easily.

    Mila definitely wouldn't work with his surname, the first three letters are the same, and the one syllable names probably wouldn't work too great either. Maia is also repeating of the first syllable (you can probably guess the surname from all these clues!) I do like Madeleine a lot, and Matilda as well. We can't use Michaela as it's a bit too close to Michael and I don't like any of the other spellings of it. Margaret is a bit old lady to me though it does have some nice nicknames.

    My favourites so far from the suggestions (we'd use a nickname like we do for Libby):

    Madeleine - Maddy
    Matilda - Tilly

    And how do you pronounce Maren? Is it like Karen with an M?
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    yep, like Karen with an M. I had a little girl with that name in my class my first year teaching preschool. She was so cute!

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    Oh, ok, I've never heard of the name before. I'll put it to my partner and see what he thinks, it is a pretty name but he might think it's a little bit out there.
    Mum to Luke and Elliot, stepmum to Libby. Baby #4 is currently being grown.

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    There's also Margot, which could be cute with Libby. Feels nicknamey without actually being a nickname, and I think it's cute for a little girl but ages with sophistication. But I also love Madeleine/Maddy and Matilda/Tilly.
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    Mariah, Malaya, Marceline, and Marguerite are also nice.

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