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    My husband won't budge on Josephine!

    We are expecting baby girl #3 and my husband has been insisting on the name Josephine since we were expecting #2! He likes that it has Christian significance/meaning and how it sounds. I DON'T like that it is so popular! I have a popular name and always had at least one other girl with my name in every class. As with my first two girls, I would prefer a name not in the top 1000, but would consider something at least past 600 (My faves are Margo and Judith). Any alternatives I can present to my Josephine-loving hubby???

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    Do you like Josephine? I really don't think it will be an issue of having several in her class. It's a lovely name and really not that popular. I think it's more versatile than Margo and Judith.

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    Is he interested in possibly using Josephine as a middle name? Then he would get Josephine and you wouldn't have to worry about it becoming quite so popular.

    Other Suggestions

    Ruth - has Christian significance, is beautiful and simple, but without being too popular.
    Flora - is an older name that is very pretty and is unlikely to be too popular, plus if he is okay with Josephine in the middle Flora Josephine is a pretty name.

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    I really do not think Josephine is popular! Those numbers can be tricky. I live in a trendy town and I never hear it. It is a beautiful and classy name with potentials for great nicknames. I really like it and better than Judith. Margot is cute.

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    What's the christian association with Josephine? Joseph?

    There are so many good Christian names out there - what about:
    Maria Josephine (other name for Mary)
    Miriam Josephine
    Abigail Josephine
    Ophelia Josephine (saint)
    Clara Josephine (saint)
    Emma Josephine (saint)
    Eva Josephine (version of Eve)
    Esther Josephine
    Flora Josephine (several saints named Florence)
    Gabriella Josephine
    Michaela Josephine/Mikaela Josephine
    Hannah Josephine

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