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    Nora Sophia? Due in 7 weeks

    So I am really liking Nora. It's old fashioned and not too popular. My 9 yr old son has picked Sophia. Very popular but his opinion matters to me alot. How does it sound together?

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    Sounds great!

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    Nora is fine by itself and Sophia is alright by itself, but together, Nora Sophia, isn't my cup of tea.

    For one, Sophia is the #1 most used name in the USA as statistics show. Another thing, Nora has the a-ending and Sophia has the a-ending. I think it's really sweet and cute that your son picked out a name for your little girl, but maybe you could ask him again to see what else he likes. (:

    I hope I wasn't too harsh?
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    I think it's a lovely name (I adore Nora) and so sweet that your son picked Sophia. It flows nicely, imo. I don't think popularity of a name matters as much in the mn spot. Nora means light and Sophia means wisdom, conjuring beautiful symbolism.
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    I am concerned about the 'a' sound too. But I think Nora Sophia just might work with a surname of three syllables, ending with an 'n'. I think in this case the surname carries alot of weight on whether this name will work. If the surname sounds 'significant'.

    In that case you might try:
    Norelle Sophia

    sorry but I can't find anything else that is similar to Nora and works with Sophia.
    Good luck in name-searching

    You have a sweet son

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