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    How does one decide? Popularity vs. what you like best

    Okay, at this point, I am just being annoying It was not nearly this challenging to name my first daughter, Camille. And honestly day to day, I don't really worry about naming this girl. My husband and I rarely even talk about it!

    But I have posted our top 3 names several times and I have barely made any progress. I still have 6 weeks to go and we keep saying we will wait until we meet her but the truth is, we do like one name more than the others.

    This is the order we like the names in:

    The problem with the first name is: it is obviously rising in popularity. I see it mentioned here all the time and it was 48/100 in our town last year. I hear more and more in the community I live in. While none of my friends have used the name, some know a Hazel or two among their mutual friends. It may really bother me for her to have a few in her class growing up. But then again, names are more popular for a reason: because people like them. We get the the most positive feedback for this name. It is a family name. It goes well enough with her sister's name. Although I am not as considered about the sibset.

    Willa: People think it seems unfinished, a nickname for Willow. I like the double L's. It is much less common and still has a sweet, classy but funky vibe to it.

    Corinna: I am not sure I like the matching C's with my daughter's name. We like the song connection (Taj Mahal, Bob Dylan, etc). You rarely hear this name and it is a classic name. But I don't LOVE it.

    There are plenty of other names I think are pretty but we keep coming back to these 3. What to do? What to do?

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    I like Hazel, and I say go for it. So what if some people think she's part of a fad? You say the name has history to you, and that's the important thing. Who cares about popularity? Who says she'll live in your town her whole life? Give her the name you love, because in the end, nothing else matters.
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    I love Hazel too- it's just unique. If you have fallen in love with Hazel I really doubt if you can find anything to replace it. If you want her name to be more unique, you can pick a less popular name for her middle name. Then both of your concerns can be taken care of

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    If you love Hazel I would use it. Popularity can be very deceiving, a name may spike in use, but then decline just as quickly. Even though it has gained more attention in the last decade it's not ubiquitous. I think it is lovely with the beautiful Camille.

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    I love Hazel, too. I agree with what kashed22 said about popularity. Plus, it is just more important to give your child a name you really love, in my opinion. Good luck!
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