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    Quote Originally Posted by makaylaerin View Post
    I agree with you about her asking for an opinion, but people completely jumped down on her hard over a name that she's not really sure about in the first place. I have a very strange taste in names that most people would run away from, but no one has ever gotten nasty with me before. Definitely not like this. I feel like I should apologize too just for all these replies. Another thing, YOU DO NOT ridicule someone's kid like people have done. I think Maeby is adorable and if others don't like it, keep it to yourself. She didn't want anybody's opinion on her daughter's name.

    I do agree that Burleigh Bear is too much and I get the same feel that you're describing a husky/fat bear. I like Burleigh and I like Bear, but not together. I also love Atticus from her list. Very handsome name. Atticus Bear would be awesome. (:

    Again, I apologize for everyone getting so rude. Most berries are very supportive and friendly. I hope this thread doesn't make you stray away from Name Berry completely. I hope you find your perfect name!!
    Before she edited her first post, the way she posted the thread sounded an awful lot like a troll.

    (Not defending anyone, just trying to explain why some of the comments might've come across the way they did.)
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    For those that have suggested two Seamus Linden Bear etc. Is there a forum that discusses 2 middles. I have never done that for any of my other kiddos but since this is the last and we rarely agree on boy names or have a million final choices it might be necessary to have more than one middle. THANKS!
    @juliadoulia: I suggested to bettydogooder that she add a second middle to March River if she didn't want it to sound like she was describing a river, and personally I love both March and River. Since phonetically "Burleigh" is equal to "burly," it makes it difficult in use as a first name, because it always sounds like you are describing something; it might work better in the middle. Also, with "Burleigh" and "Bear," you do run the risk of sounding like you named a children's book character, and the alliteration with the two don't help.

    Since Bear is so short, I would suggest using at least a 3-syllable first. Atticus Bear ____ sounds great to me. Fox and Wolf are also great boys' names. Benno, which is one of my favorite names, means bear, and I think it'd sound great with Maeby.

    Benno Crosby
    Benno Shalom
    Atticus Bear
    Elliott Bear
    Seamus Benno
    Fox Burleigh
    Linden Wolf
    Atticus Fox

    I am always a fan of two middles though, if you decide to do that. I think a more traditional name can work wonders in making rarer combos a bit more grounded.

    Burleigh Nathaniel Fox
    Elliott Thomas Bear
    Crosby Matthew Bear
    Fox Jacob Burleigh

    etc, etc, it's endless!

    Good luck!

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    It is a little too much.... sounds like a children toy >.< I do like Bear though!
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