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    Please do not name your son Burleigh Bear. I mean this in the nicest way possible. It would reflect poorly on your judgment. Bear is fabulous - name him Bear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boyandgirl View Post
    I just want to pipe in and say, I don't think anyone has been rude or unsupportive. The poster asked for an opinion on a name, that I am sure she knew was going to be controversial. I would rather get an honest opinion than everyone saying "Oh, fantastic, creative name" than my child endure teasing and ridicule. And, I don't buy the opinion that any name can be teased. All of us know, that some things evoke teasing with children, and this probably would be one of them. I for one, meant no offense, but I think honesty is important. I would want posters to do the same with me.

    I agree with you about her asking for an opinion, but people completely jumped down on her hard over a name that she's not really sure about in the first place. I have a very strange taste in names that most people would run away from, but no one has ever gotten nasty with me before. Definitely not like this. I feel like I should apologize too just for all these replies. Another thing, YOU DO NOT ridicule someone's kid like people have done. I think Maeby is adorable and if others don't like it, keep it to yourself. She didn't want anybody's opinion on her daughter's name.

    I do agree that Burleigh Bear is too much and I get the same feel that you're describing a husky/fat bear. I like Burleigh and I like Bear, but not together. I also love Atticus from her list. Very handsome name. Atticus Bear would be awesome. (:

    Again, I apologize for everyone getting so rude. Most berries are very supportive and friendly. I hope this thread doesn't make you stray away from Name Berry completely. I hope you find your perfect name!!
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    From you list I quite like
    Seamus, Atticus, Abbott, Otis, Crosby, Burleigh and Bear.

    Crosby might be too close to Maeby though so I would cross that off.

    Seamus Bear, Atticus Bear, Abbott Bear and Otis Bear (yes Burleigh Bear is too much because it sounds like a description of the bear)
    Burleigh Atticus Bear, Burleigh Abbott Bear
    Seamus Linden Bear, Seamus Henley Bear
    Otis Atticus Bear
    Burton Bear
    Burton Atticus Bear

    First Names all mean Bear so that you could use that as a nn
    Oberon Crosby nn Bear
    Oberon Burleigh nn Bear
    Osborn Atticus nn Bear
    Barrett Burleigh nn Bear
    Arthur Burleigh nn Bear
    Bern Atticus nn Bear
    Orson Burleigh nn Bear
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    For those that have suggested two Seamus Linden Bear etc. Is there a forum that discusses 2 middles. I have never done that for any of my other kiddos but since this is the last and we rarely agree on boy names or have a million final choices it might be necessary to have more than one middle. THANKS!

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    To the OP--No forums, but there have been threads about two middle names every once in a while. Try searching the forums using the advanced search

    Good luck!
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