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    Burliegh/Burley Bear is way, way too much. I don't have objections to either of them individually, but together, I think you're just asking for trouble. I think Bear would work as a nickname for Burliegh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    I'm hoping this is a troll but if it isn't...yes,, it's too much. The combo sounds like a description of an animal rather than a person's name. Burley and Burleigh are spellings I would recognize but Burliegh is just odd. I would recommend that you keep looking for a name that wouldn't cause your son to be ridiculed behind his back.
    I totally agree with mischa!

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    Burleigh has the -leigh ending which is much more common with girls, like Ryleigh (instead of Rylie).

    What about Burlington instead? You could use Burley as nickname. Other nicknames: Bing, Linton.

    Burlington Bear sounds much better than Burleigh Bear to me.

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    Another apology for rude comments.

    Yes I think Burleigh Bear is too much. Burleigh and Maebe are too matchy for my tastes. (Maebe's cute, if Rue, Ever, etc can be acceptable then why not Maebe, both Mae and Bea are sweet!)
    I like the suggestion of Bear its own.
    Bear Abbot?
    Bear Elliot?

    Good luck

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    I had a similar problem when i was considering March River as a name- just didnt work very well having to non "names" together, only suggestions i got was to remove one of them or add a second middle name to break them up. like Burleigh Elliot Bear.

    I dont think the meaning of burley is that negative- i think of its meaning as more strong and heavy built (but not fat) rugged manly men come to my initial reaction.

    I think the main problem people have is that together it sounds like your describing a heavy built bear.
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