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    I think he'd get jokes about being a "bear." As in a burly, bearded gay gentleman.

    From your list, Seamus is gorgeous. Seamus Linden gets my vote.

    Since you like Otis, what about Orson? It means bear, so you could use Bear as a nickname and he'd have a very dignified full name to fall back on.
    Where does your interest in the name Abbott come from? Is it a family name? It does have a nice sound, but it's a little heavy to me. Orson Bishop?
    Orson Abbott wouldn't be half bad, but Orson Elliot would be nicer...

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    I guess I should first say I don't find Burly to be an offensive descriptive word. I would call my husband burly...big, strong, and somewhat rugged...and I love it. I think most of you think I am saying Burly like portly. So I find it to be a fine name But! I had never even thought of the burly "bear" scenario I will have to run that one by the hubs. Also the name Abbott I had seen in a name book and just liked it no real tie to anything. I don't as much like Orson though...sorry! I do like Elliot for a middle name

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephykneejo View Post
    I was the one who posted about Maeby and Arrested Development. Always nice to meet another Maeby mommy!
    Oh Okay! Too cute I love how you used Maeby. And I love that show. So cool their are two people with little Maebys!
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    You're right, this is SUPPOSED to be a supportive community.

    I think it is actually kind of an awesome name, although I would probably just spell it Burly - It is a unique name so the simpler spelling might make it a bit easier. I have always thought burliness was a good quality, and in fact I refer to myself a a "Burly girly"

    As for the teasing, let's face it. Kids are cruel, they will find something to tease him about no matter what his name is, so I wouldn't worry about it.

    You might consider a more "normal" middle, as I have been urged to do by fellow berries for my future kids, just in case. But I say if you really love Burleigh Bear, you'll inevitably regret not using it.
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    Sorry you've received a lot of negative responses, but I think it's important people receive honest feedback on this site. There's not much point in sugar-coated responses. That said, I think Bear would be a nicer choice than Burleigh as a first named paired with big sister Maeby.
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