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    It's essentially an adjective and a noun, and fairly accurate ones at that! I mean, come on. Burly bear? Come on. Yes, it's WAY too much.
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    My sister's husband has a brother called Bear but Burleigh is way too much for me. Burley Bear brings to mind a bumbling, clumsy, huge Bear...I mean c'mon.
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    Ok yes I agree that Burleigh Bear is way too much, but for the record my great uncle Burl's full name (born in the late 1910's) was Burleigh. Not outrageous or misspelled or unheard of.

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    I like animal names in general, and I really like Bear Burleigh would always sound like "burly," though, which I don't think is a terribly appealing descriptor, even for a boy.

    Side note: My little boy's nickname is "Bear." It has nothing to do with his actual name (it's mom called him Holdybear when he was an infant, and the "bear" part stuck) but it's what I call him at least half the time.
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    Burly bear....nope, I'm sorry, I would not do that.

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