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    This is the most god-awful name I have ever heard. And your poor daughter being named after Maeby Funke. jesus h.

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    I think we get the idea that general consensus is that the name is not good, but there is no need to be rude about it or her daughter's name.
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    Thank you Stephykneejo - First off I love my daughters name. She isn't named after Maeby Funke but that was where we heard that name and we love it. As far as this name combo Burleigh was to be the first name and Bear as the middle name so most people wouldn't even know that was his full name. But whatever I was just throwing out an idea. This was the first post I had ever posted on here. I thought I would get a couple of negative comments but this is crazy. Haven't you ever said you don't like something without being rude about it. I guess maybe this isn't the nice welcoming community I thought it was.

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    I'm sorry that there's been some rudeness. We're just a little cautious around here of new posters who suggest out-there names - it's not uncommon for "trolls" to try and stir up trouble or annoy people by posting outlandish names. That said, there's no excuse for being rude.

    I think Maeby's pretty and I am glad that you found a name that you love.

    As for Burleigh, I think I might prefer the Burley spelling for a boy, it seems more masculine to me. I do think that Burleigh/Burley Bear sounds a little adjectival, like you're describing the bear! Bear or Burley next to more conventional names might be a better choice. Do you have any other names you like? We might be able to brainstorm some other first/middle combinations.

    Good luck with finding a name for your little boy!

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    I think the reactions here are far kinder than they would be in real life. Names spelled incorrectly with "Leigh" on the end are very popular for girls right now. Add that to the fact you'd be giving your son a name that I have never heard used as a positive description, I have to think there are names that would be better suited for a brother for Maeby. I like the suggestion of Barlow by a pp.
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