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    its offensive that we have to worry about Dixie being offensive

    its such a short name that id never shorten it or call someone Dix

    otherwise we'd have to get rid of the name Dickson as well as the classic Richard and Dick

    i think it has lots of charm

    if you cant get past it try Roxy


    it seems a lot of people are commenting and taking snippets of facts OUT OF CONTEXT

    its not just a song, but refers to a region, currency, & the Mason-Dixon line
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    Don´t find it offensive at all! It´s a gorgeous name in my opinion, love it to bits! I am a huge American History fan, and do not find it offensive, just as I don´t find North offensive, but I guess it all in what point of view it is seen.

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    I went to school with a girl named Dixie, and I don't remember anyone being offending by the name (but I live in the South). And no one ever teased her with the nickname of "Dix." I was friends with her, she was really sweet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by basicsand View Post
    Why don't you Google the name Dixie since you were also on Yahoo? It's just a nickname meaning Southern. I'll link the Wikipedia to help with the names origin and meaning. You know it's been used by the band the Dixie Chicks, the name of university, as well as the actress Dixie Carter. On this website, it's one of Pam and Linda's Sweet Spot names that's also a perfect balance between fitting-in and standing-out.

    Thanks for that, basicsand. I was starting to think I was crazy. I have a sweet spot for Dixie, myself. I like it -- and always have. And I am not partial toor indulgent of the American South. For example, I always liked the bumper sticker with an international NO stamped over the Confederate flag and the words. "You lost. Get over it." Harsh, perhaps, but it's time to move on from that history.

    Dixie, on the other hand, I've always liked. I have no good reason for that. I adored my older brother, and a girl in his crowd was named Dixie? Perhaps not good reason enough, but I find it a short, sweet, upbeat name. If you are looking for substance or tradition you might want to look elsewhere, but if you might name a child Annie or Sophie, Dixie could be a good fit for you.

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