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    Do you find the name Dixie offensive?

    I've read in other forums (yahoo questions) that some people find Dixie to be an offensive name for a child. I love the name but don't want to name my baby something that would potentially offend someone. And with the obvious Freudian elephant in the room of 'Dix' I'm worried this name can't win for losing. What do you guys say?
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    I would say it's an unwise choice. It doesnt offend me, personally, but I can certainly see how it would. Thats not to mention all the stereotypes that people might have about someone named Dixie and the DIX right up front. I'd just avoid all that trouble and choose something else.

    Beatrix 'Trixie'?
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    I don't find it offensive personally, but I can see why others might. It's also just not much of a name (it's quite nickname-y). I would second the suggestion of Beatrix nn Trixie. Similar sound, but with a more substantial full name, plus it has none of the problems associated with Dixie.

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    I don't find it offensive, I just don't like the name. It sounds like ditsy to me.
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    Racial issues, disposable cup issues, "dix," and this sort of image.


    Trixie is troubled for me because of a "trick" being a prostitute.

    I really know Dolly has image issues too (despite my fangirl-ism for Miss Parton) but I'd go Dolly before Dixie in a minute.

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