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    I'm thinking the whole Southern pride being seen as white pride thing? I think where I'm from there'd be a lot of assumptions about the kind of parents that name their kid Dixie - but I'm not Southern. It would be seen at *best* as hillbilly and probably would get a lot of people on the defensive about race stuff. Would be a bit strange on a kid no matter what race they were, too.

    Or that is what I was thinking, in terms of offensive, anyway.

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    Yeah, it's offensive because it's kind of the name that the South went by when it was full of slaves. Dixie was almost a rally cry of the South during Civil War. It's just not the kind of image I'd want associated with my daughter.

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    I don't find this name offensive, although I do think it is a horrible name anyway. I feel it really lacks character and strength, and the phonetics are not pleasing to the ear.

    Good luck!

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    My friend has a super sweet border collie named Dixie. This info probably does not help your battle.

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    I don't find it offensive at all but if I heard you discussing "Dixie" I would assume you were referring to your small fluffy dog! I think it's ok as a nickname but I wouldn't want it to be my full name. Hope that's helpful.
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