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    I've read in other forums (yahoo questions) that some people find Dixie to be an offensive name for a child. I love the name but don't want to name my baby something that would potentially offend someone. And with the obvious Freudian elephant in the room of 'Dix' I'm worried this name can't win for losing. What do you guys say?
    Why don't you Google the name Dixie since you were also on Yahoo? It's just a nickname meaning Southern. I'll link the Wikipedia to help with the names origin and meaning. You know it's been used by the band the Dixie Chicks, the name of university, as well as the actress Dixie Carter. On this website, it's one of Pam and Linda's Sweet Spot names that's also a perfect balance between fitting-in and standing-out.
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    Elodie Anne sounds much better than Elodie Dixie anyway. It's really lovely!

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    Googled and yahooed

    Yea I researched and asked family and friends but most friends and family say what I wanna hear kinda thing thanks for the links!
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    I wouldn't find the name Dixie offensive (and honestly, I can't even figure why it would be), but like many pp I just don't find it very attractive. I definitely prefer Elodie Anna and I think it's very cute

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    Forgive my ignorance, but how is it offensive? Personally, it isn't my style, but I don't see how it could be offensive. Sorry if I'm just dumb haha.
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