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    I know an Annabel Rose, she's 2 and adorable! Annabel Kate is cute too, and I think out of the Anna options I like both! Charlotte and Rose are both very pretty

    Of previous poster's suggestions I also like

    Annabel Juliet
    Annabel Eve

    Anna Madeline
    Anna Eleanor
    Smothering one fur baby, my darling dog Briony Ember

    Peregrine, Evander, Kaius, Stellan, Cassius
    Beatrice, Hazel, Thisbe, Amoret

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    These are some that I like

    Anna Alden (I know someone named Anna Alden and I think it's beautiful)
    Anna Piper
    Anna Catherine
    Anna Cla(i)re

    Annabelle Blue
    Annabelle Lee
    Annabelle Rea
    Annabelle Sage
    Annabelle Marie


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    I prefer Annabel, as you always have the option to call her Anna as a nn.

    Middles for Annabel:
    Annabel Ruby
    Annabel Scarlett
    Annabel Olivia
    Annabel Grace
    Annabel Sophia
    Annabel Maisy/Maisie
    Annabel Eleanor/Elena
    Annabel Poppy
    Current favourites:
    Girls:Amelie, Isobel, Ruby and Imogen.
    Boys: Reuben, Joel, Caleb and Tobias.

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    Thanks everyone! You have made up my mind on the middle name if we go with Annabel. We will go with Annabel Kate. If we go with Anna, I am considering Anna Charlotte, Anna Juliet, and Anna Katherine now. Thanks so much! Now if I can just make up my mind on a name! Husband prefers Annabel. But I think I could win him over to Anna if need be.
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