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    Angry Collins, as a first name, for a girl... >.>

    My partner now knows that I have an active account on here and is amusing himself by trolling me.

    So this was his charming 'suggestion' but I thought it would put it out there, to see if others have the same visceral response.

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    I think it's too much of a surname to be used as a first name on either gender, without actually being a family name.

    It's the name of the (real life) daughter Blind Side but since the movie is set on the American South I assumed it was the old tradition of using a maiden name as a first name.
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    It's a surname meaning 'son of Colin'. It's not a proper name.

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    Reminds me of the Collinses from Pride and Prejudice. Not the most positive association.

    In any event, I think Collins is one surname that doesn't work particularly well as a given name. I could see it as a middle name for either sex, though, especially if there is a family connection.
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    I am with other berries that Collins isn't my cup of tea for a first name, especially for a girl.

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