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    HELP! Which baby name should I choose?

    Okay, I'm being induced into labor tomorrow and my husband and I are feeling the heat to choose a baby name. It's a girl! She will have one sister (Heavynn Klarissa, who is my beautiful 2 year old!) and I need names that aren't too matchy-matchy with that. We thought Nevaeh would be a cute name, but Heavynn is pronounced like Heaven, so it was too close for our taste. Here's our remaining list:

    -Brynleigh Marina

    -Blakesleigh Rose

    -Eowyn Nicole (Pronounced Ay-oh-win)

    -Finley Grace

    -Teeghan Lilly

    -Annistyn Kate

    -Dezyree Summer

    Opinions? Suggestions? ANYTHING?!?! Thanks! :-)

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    I like Brynleigh Marina, Eowyn Nicole, and Dezyree Summer. How about Dejah or Amelie. Good luck.
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    Finley Grace is by far my favorite from your list.

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    Eowyn Nicole wins by a mile. The others are way NMS.
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    None of these names are my style at all, but to go with Heavynn Klarissa, I'd pick Brynleigh Marina (I just really like the middle name Marina) or Dezyree Summer probably has the most similar style. Blakesleigh looks like "Blake's sleigh". Eowyn looks too Welsh. Finley is too normal. Teeghan just doesn't seem right. Annistyn - is that pronounced like Jennifer Aniston's last name? I think people would have a hard time getting past that association. I don't have any suggestions, but I think you're locked into the "creative spelling" thing after Heavynn.
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