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    Girl Name Help Please!

    Hi all,

    We have decided not to find out the gender of our little one and I am having the hardest time coming up with both a boy and girl option! The boy name forum game me some great options but we're still undecided on that front too. Our current children are named Patrick and Claire.
    For a girl, my husband really would like to honor his mother who has recently passed by incorporating her name (Ann) as either the first or middle. Our last name is three syllables and starts with O.
    I have a few choices, but am open to suggestions! So far, I love the following names, but haven't ironed our where Ann would fit. Ideas?


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    I think that Nora fits with Patrick and Claire the best. Nora Ann is very pretty! I also love Ann as a first name. It is an underused classic.

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    Nora and Alice fits better with Patrick and Claire. Quinn is too trendy and unisex and doesn't fit at all.Nora Ann is lovely.Alice Ann goes as well.

    Have you consider any variation of the name Ann such as


    I think Annabel Nora is lovely!!

    Good luck!

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    I agree, Quinn is cute but doesn't fit. Quinn Ann is too Queen Ann (and too one-syllable, too much N). Nora and Alice both work nicely. I like Alice better. Patrick, Claire, and Alice all have a C, which is a nice subtle tie-in. Alice Ann with your last name is 2-1-3 rhythm, which is great. One thing to be aware of with Nora is that, without the middle initial, her initials would be NO (not terrible or anything, just something to think about). With your last name beginning with O, names ending in -a or -e sounds are going to bump into that vowel a little bit (although this is a pretty minor thing).

    If your husband is willing you might open up more options by considering middle names that contain Ann, besides Ann variants above there are names like Joanne, Johanna, Susannah, etc. Or even if it's not what you did with your other children I think Ann is so short and it's to honor family that you could look into two middles - Alice Ann Rosemary or Alice Ann-Rosemary, something like that, if you don't like the rhythm of Alice Ann. But I like Alice Ann!

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    I think Nora is great with Patrick and Claire! I think Nora Ann sounds nice.

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