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    First Name Help

    I want to honor my grandmother with the middle name being Doris so I need help finding a first name that is girly and beautiful and offsets the short stronger sounding Doris. My boys are Grant Allen, Andrew Scott and Noah Thomas (all mn are family names) so I obviously like classic names but for my daughter I want something a little different that will still fit with her siblings. Top name on my list right now is Vivienne Doris. Thoughts?

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    Vivienne Doris is lovely! Vivienne definitely offsets the Doris feel. You could also do Dorothy if you wanted something a bit softer that still honours your grandmother.

    Other ideas...

    Annabel Doris
    Lilliana Doris
    Lillian Doris
    Amelia Doris
    Isabelle Doris
    Sophia Doris
    Julietta Doris
    Olivia Doris
    Penelope Doris
    Kerensa Doris
    Helena Doris
    Genevieve Doris
    Guinevere Doris
    Eliana Doris
    Lucia Doris
    Eliza Doris
    Felicity Doris

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    Vivienne is great with Doris and your set! You have some great suggestions above, I will say Helena and Lucia popped into my mind too for some reason! A few others:

    Caroline Doris
    Catherine Doris
    Dahlia Doris (I think it's alliteration that works - I have a friend Dahlia with a D middle name!)
    Elodie Doris
    Emily Doris
    Evangeline Doris
    Evelyn Doris
    Jillian Doris
    Johanna Doris
    Julia Doris
    Juliana Doris
    Louisa Doris
    Miranda Doris
    Mirabelle Doris
    Monica Doris
    Rosemary Doris
    Susannah Doris
    Talia Doris
    Thalia Doris
    Theresa Doris

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