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    mei_mei - I would love to go for just one middle name, as our name choices are very long but my DH is determined to give this baby two middles as me and him both have 2 middles, and our son does too.

    Your suggestions are beautiful though! I love Persephone Alba, Cosima Rosalind and Alethea Delphine. Beatrix Alba Delphine, Clementine Juno Faye, and Rosalind Joy Mietta are all beautiful too, thank you!

    theclocktowerofjoy - Persephone Beatrice Leda is beautiful! Thank you, your other suggestions are also gorgeous.

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    I think you should limit it to one Goddess per name. Persephone Hespera Juno is a clash of myths and one too many Goddess. I don't know if it bugs you, but I would not like my child to have two names in her name that weren't harmonious with each other, or were linked in a not so good way.

    I'll make a few combos I think work for each first name:

    Alethea Willow Rosalind
    Alethea Leda Beatrice
    Alethea Mietta Clementine

    Cosima Persephone Reverie
    Cosima Hero Seraphina
    Cosima Juno Clementine

    Persephone Alba Delphine
    Persephone Apolline Bird
    Persephone Alba Beatrice
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    It’s great that you don’t mind the same syllable count for each part of the name and are unafraid of longer ones. How do you feel about same endings? For example, does having repeating –a endings bother you as in Cosima Valentina Seraphina D-? I’d rather have it different like sounds like Cosima Delphine Beatrice D-.
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    ottilie - Oh dear I didn't even think about that! Oops, it's a good job you mentioned it! haha. Persephone Hespera Juno is definitely too much.

    All of your suggested combos are amazing! I love Alethea Willow Rosalind, Cosima Hero Seraphina and Persephone Alba Beatrice! Thanks so much!

    basicsand - Same endings don't bother me too much, but I think if all of the names in the combo have the same ending then it can be too much. For example Cosima Beatrice Alba sounds better than Cosima Seraphina Alba IMO. If than makes sense?
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