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    Question Sibling for Gabriel & Zelie

    Okay, so we've got about seven weeks until our third little one, a boy, arrives. My husband's originally from Mexico, so we have tried to find names that work well in English and in Spanish with our other two children. Also, we're Catholic and are looking for Saints' names. The little dude's siblings are Gabriel Sebastian and Zelie Jacinta. Any ideas?

    We thought we'd decided on Xavier Alonso, but I started having second thoughts because it's just too complicated the way we were going about it: pronounced in Spanish like Javier, but we'd call him Xabi like the Basque nickname (pronounced like "SHA-bi"). Most people would assume that his name would be the English "zavier," and I really don't want to have to explain the whole thing every time. My only real favorite is the name Santiago, but my husband says he's completely neutral about it and doesn't seem to be coming around.

    Other names we've talked about but don't seem quite right: Benjamin, Nicolas, Francisco, Ignatius


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